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    What is the Capital Improvement Program Committee?

    The Committee prepares the annual Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP) Report which presents Canaan’s Capital Improvement Program for the next six years. The primary goal is to keep the tax rate stable by planning ahead for large purchases (non-budget items) in excess of $5,000 with a useful life of five or more years.

    How is the Plan written?

    The annual plan contains capital projects submitted by town departments and, on occasion, other organizations that support town activities. A short description is included for most of the projections.

    After receiving the department proposals for capital projects, the Committee prepares a report that compiles the projects and includes commentary based on the information received. This report is submitted for approval by Canaan’s Planning Board and presented to the Select Board and the Budget Committee in early fall in time for town budget preparations for the upcoming fiscal year. It is intended to provide a long term, six year context for the following year’s budget.

    What are typical capital projects?

    Capital projects include purchase or replacement of major pieces of equipment such as fire, highway and police vehicles.

    The schedule of equipment also includes miscellaneous smaller equipment like the gravel screen, equipment trailers, tree chipper and asphalt hot box in the highway department, the ladders, generators, pumps, radios and turn out gear in the fire department and compactors and trailers at the transfer station.

    Finally, the capital budget includes buildings and facilities owned and operated by the town including the town and police office buildings, fire house, library, senior center, garages, gravel pit storage, transfer station buildings, beach property, historic buildings, water and sewer plants, pump station, water storage tank, bridges, cemeteries and recreation areas.

    All of these are evaluated and their repair and replacement costs are scheduled over the next five years.

    Capital Improvement Program Committee Composition and Meetings

    The Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIPC) includes one member of the Planning Board, one member of the Budget Committee, one citizen member and the Select Board’s liaison.

    The Committee meets during the year to update review and update the Town’s Six Year CIP Plan.

    Capital Improvement Planning is used to plan for the future purchase of equipment and set up a budget to put money aside each year to create financial reserves in the bank to be used when the purchase is made. This eliminates borrowing and allows the purchase of major items to be more uniformly spread over years.

    • Canaan owns over $8,000,000 in major wheeled equipment at current replacement cost
    • The Town owns $1,656,694 in small non-wheeled equipment
    • Canaan owns millions more in buildings, garages, bridges, water and sewer systems
    • There are also 39 miles of paved roads and 43 miles of dirt road, worth millions more
    • $650,000 is put into savings for Mobile Equipment, Buildings and Bridges annually
    • Another $125,000 is budgeted for smaller equipment annually

    Working Copies of Documents for 2023:

    Mechanics equipment report 2023

    See CIP Annual Reports in the Annual Report section below

    Working Copies of Documents for 2022:

    Approved 2022 CIP Budget

    Final Report for 2022 CIP

    Claude Lemoi, Chair
    Tom Milligan, Community Representative
    Scott Johnston, Select Board Representative

    Current Asset Inventory
    (last updated 10/31/21)


    2021 CIP Purchases: Fire Department Turn-out Gear, Police Cruiser, Police Cruiser Equipment – Radar, Computer, Camera, & Radio, 10-Wheel Dump Truck with Plow

    2020 CIP Purchase: Police Cruiser

    2019 CIP Purchases: Replacements in 2019 included a 10 wheel dump truck and a new asphalt reclaimer (hot-box) in the Highway Department and a new Command Vehicle and Utility Truck (multi-use for wild fire, equipment transportation, water transport and other uses) for the Fire Department.

    2018 CIP Purchases: Six wheel dump truck with plow to replace the 2005 Sterling Dumptruck. Livefloor (48 foot/115 cubic yard) for Transfer Station. Three ambulances as part of transition of Canaan Ambulance Services to Canaan Emergency Medical Service.

    2017 CIP Purchases: Cemetery Truck, Water & Sewer Truck, Five-inch Hoses and Turnout Gear for the Fire Department, and paint for Government Buildings.