Select Board

The Select Board, acting as a board and not individually, manages the affairs of the Town.

They are authorized to:

  • Propose a budget to the Budget Committee and voters
  • Set tax rates
  • Authorize the spending money within the total voter approved appropriation
  • Manage finances
  • Managing roads, facilities and employees
  • Appoint officials
  • Convey land
  • Layout highways 
  • Issue licenses
  • Set fees
  • Establish welfare guidelines
  • Hold hearings
  • Communicate for the Town
  • Establish Town policy
  • Adopt many types of ordinances

Upcoming Meetings

From September through June, the Select Board meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is at the back of the Police Station at 52 NH Route 118. During July and August the Board meets at the Meeting House. Watch here for changes in dates or times.

Meeting agendas are posted on the Board outside of the Town Office, in the Town Office Lobby, and on the Town Website prior to the meeting. To be on the agenda, please contact the office 603-523-4501, ext. 5 by the Friday prior to the meeting.

If additional meetings are scheduled by the Board, they will receive a separate posting at the same locations.

Budget Committee: Dan Collins
Capital Improvement Program Committee:Dan Collins
Cemetery Trustees:Dan Collins
Conservation Commission: David McAlister
Historic Distric Committee: Scott Borthwick
Library Trustees: David McAlister
Museum Curators: Scott Borthwick
Planning Board: David McAlister
Preservation Committee: Scott Borthwick
Recreation Commission: David McAlister
Trustees of the Trust Funds: Dan Collins