Transfer Station


Transfer Station Manager:
J. R. Defosse

The Transfer Station is located at 124 Transfer Station Road off Route 118, Canaan NH.

Sunday & Monday:  Closed
Tuesday & Thursday: 2-6 pm
Wednesday & Friday: 7-11 am
Saturday: 8 am – 2 pm

The Transfer Station is closed on the following holidays (and see the Office Hours and Closings page):
New Years Day, the Saturday before Memorial Day, Independence Day, the Saturday before Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Other unscheduled closings may happen, and if they do we will send an emergency notice on the flash mail. You can sign up for this and other town notices by Clicking Here.

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Click here to read the 2021 Recycling Flyer


We are no longer taking liquid latex paint.
You should dry it out and put it in the trash.
This has been very expensive and labor intensive for a material that is not really hazardous.

There is a $10 per trip charge for dropping off hazardous waste. This charge is a small fraction of the actual cost, but there is a strong feeling that there should be at least a nominal charge to get rid of the hazardous waste. Orange is prepaid.

You are limited to 5 gallons of hazardous waste. We will judge by the overall amount and not the container


Don’t go to the upper road. It will be only two lanes and you can’t drive around them.

Effective Saturday, May 16, the lower gate is TWO LANES, ONE IN EACH DIRECTION. Use caution as people will be entering as you are leaving.


In one trip to the Transfer Station, loads are limited to the height of the bed of a pickup truck:

poster showing limit of trash at truck bed edges

The drop off policy is below. PLEASE follow it.

No more than 2 cars side by side in front of the hopper!
The next two cars wait at the first stop sign until the car in front of them has left the hopper area.

overhead map with arrows to show unloading

If we continue to have people violate this rule, the police will issue citations.


General Rules:

  • Please be sure to call ahead to the Transfer Station 523-7952 to see if they are accepting brush for the burn pile before you load your vehicle and head down to the facility.
  • It is illegal for any person to place or cause to be placed any waste in or around the Town’s Transfer Station when the facility is not open to the public.
  • The Transfer Station is for Canaan and Orange Residents only. Permits to use the facility are required.
  • Recycling is encouraged in order to save cost of trash disposal.
  • The Transfer Station is for household wastes only – no COMMERCIAL WASTE is permitted, but COMMERCIAL RECYCLING is allowed.
  • Resident users shall follow the directions of the Transfer Station Attendant at all times.
  • Bulky waste like furniture and mattresses and construction waste must go the the Lebanon Landfill – call 298-6486 or 298-7872, unless you want to wait until the Town has a Bulky Waste Collection Day.



The Town of Canaan has a single stream of all recyclables. The materials taken will include more things. Twice a month the items will be shipped in a tractor trailer to Portland Maine. This will reduce our trucking charges by about $15,000 a year and assure that recycling remains less costly than disposal.

The Collection Trailer for Recyclables:

This is what can and can’t be recycled:

We are NOT accepting Pizza Boxes at this time.

recycling vs trash poster

Transfer Station Stickers or Annual Decal Updates may be obtained at the Canaan Town Office.

  • The Canaan Transfer Station is available for use by residents of Canaan and Orange who have a valid transfer station sticker available at the respective Town Offices.
  • Transfer Station Stickers are required to use the Transfer Station. Each year the decal color on your sticker must be updated to reflect the current year.
  • Pink decals are valid starting September 1, 2017
  • Place your annual PINK decal on your existing Transfer Station Sticker.
how to apply decal
Items that Require a Disposal Fee:
  • Items needing freon removal: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, etc. All contents and doors must be removed prior to drop off. Cost: $10
  • Microwaves: $5
  • Television Sets, Computers, or Computer Monitors: $15
  • Propane Tanks: 20 pound tanks: $1. Larger tanks: $10
  • Tires: Passenger tires: $5 each. Trucks tires: $21 each.
  • Florescent Bulbs and Tubes: 50¢ each

Special Collection Days are held several times per year – Watch this space and/or the town calendar for upcoming dates!

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
  • Household Hazardous Waste must be brought to the transfer station on the days advertised. Click here to view a chart of items that are considered Household Hazardous Waste. All items marked in red under the HHW Column are accepted. There are no fees.
  • No Commercial Waste – that means no hazardous waste that came from a business. This is federal law and violations would stop the program.
  • Residents will be eligible to bring in no more than 5 gallons (or 40 pounds) per collection day. If you have specific circumstances that require dropping off more than five gallons, please call the Town Administrator at 523-4501 ext. 5.
  • Keep the hazardous waste in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER if at all possible.
  • You will need to sign in that day. If you are a voter or have a residence in Canaan or Orange as shown on the tax cards, you will be eligible. If you are a renter, please bring some proof that you are renting and/or living in Canaan or Orange.
  • All hazardous waste will be properly disposed of or recycled.
Bulky Waste
  • Over-sized furniture like couches, chairs, beds and tables $25 per cubic yard
  • Construction debris (NOT concrete, dirt, stone or asphalt) $45 per cubic yard
  • Asphalt shingles (higher rate) $75 per cubic yard
  • Large individual items that usually can’t fit in our compactor $25 per cubic yard Rugs, cushions, textiles and mattresses $25 per cubic yard
  • Non-metal plumbing fixtures like tubs and toilets (plastic & ceramic) $50 per cubic yard
  • CUBIC YARD IS 3’ by 3’ by 3’

Beginning September 1, 2021, all Canaan residents wishing to directly use the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility will be required to obtain a permit from the City of Lebanon. Previously Canaan residents could take bulky waste and large loads of waste and construction waste to the Lebanon Transfer Station and pay Lebanon for disposal by purchasing a punch card with a prepaid balance. The only requirement was that you needed to be a Canaan resident and you needed to buy the Lebanon Punch Card. NOW people who wish to directly use the Lebanon Transfer Station must also get a FREE solid waste permit that officially identifies them as a resident of a member town; which in this case is Canaan. These Residential permits can be obtained by applying for a permit on Lebanon’s free online application site. The Permit can only be obtained on line and is required in addition to the punch cards that still must be used.

Click this link to learn all about the new permits and how to get one.

None of these rules affect your use of the Canaan Transfer Station. The rules only govern your use of the Lebanon transfer station.

Total Annual Costs of the Transfer Station
  • 2007 $222,244
  • 2008 $210,252
  • 2009 $216,946
  • 2010 $187,500
  • 2011 $154,223
  • 2012 $148,682
  • 2013 $157,281
  • 2014 $159,086
  • 2015 $168,173
  • 2016 $194,028
  • 2017 $179,526
  • 2018 $202,407
  • 2019 $198,938
  • 2020 $236,332
  • 2021 $222,130
collected and sorted waste products
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Reports

The Following are the results from the last 5 collections:

57 Canaan Households or 3%
11 Orange Households or 7%

57 Canaan Households or 3%
11 Orange Households or 7%

174 Canaan Households or 10%
6 Orange Households or 4%

149 Canaan Households or 8%
12 Orange Households or 8%

116 Canaan Households or 8%
14 Orange Households or 9%

Hazardous Waste Collected 2018 through 2020

Oil Based Paint: 4,500 pounds
Hazardous Aerosols: 600 pounds
Toxic Waste: 450 pounds
Latex Paint: 14,375 pounds

hhw storage depot
Household Hazardous Waste Storage Depot