Economic Development Committee

On Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 the Canaan Select Board voted to establish an Economic Development Committee.

The Canaan Economic Development Committee meetings are held twice a month. Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month at 4 p.m. Via Zoom or in person at the Healthfirst Family Center Conference room- 18 Roberts Road.

The Economic Development Committee meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 9 a.m. at the Healthfirst Family Center Conference room- 18 Roberts Road

2024 Meeting Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes

The Economic Development Committee (EDC) advises the Canaan Select Board on matters related to economic development, including local business retention and recruitment.  The committee is responsible  for developing and recommending policies and procedures that include but are not limited to economic development incentives, current business climate, business attraction and retention, marketing opportunities, and other issues that may promote economic development as well as social and educational opportunities to the community, in accordance with the purpose, spirit, and intent of the Town Master Plan.

The EDC shall assist with providing input and expertise on ways to encourage and help businesses and individuals to invest in the Town of Canaan, create jobs, and increase the tax base, which ultimately leads to a better quality of life for all Canaan residents.

Thomas Oppel, chair

Sal Percia, vice chair

Tom Duplinsky

Amanda Isabelle

Corinne Morse

Ryan Porter

Michael Riese

Monica Rowe

Mike Samson

Sadie Wells

The economic development committee shall perform the following functions:

1. Assist with the formulation of economic development goals and objectives for the town in a structured framework.

2. Assess existing economic development policies for the purpose of recommending such modifications as may be appropriate to achieve the economic goals approved by the Select Board.

3. Assist with the formulation of new economic development strategies and policies for the purpose of assuring achievement of the economic development goals approved by the Select Board.

In addition to the broad major functions outlined above, the economic development committee shall, consistent with established town policy:

1. Prepare and submit recommendations to the Select Board on a broad range of matters generally related to economic development.

2. Assist in the development of plans and programs for the purpose of retaining and enhancing the existing commercial and industrial base of the town.

3. Actively solicit the recruitment of new businesses to the area. Convene, when necessary, to greet potential commercial and industrial business owners and serve as a central body for the dissemination of economic development information relating to availability of land, financial tools and resources and other factors relating to successful commercial and economic development.

4. Assist in the development of strategies and programs to strengthen the concept of the public/private development partnership. Take advantage of different local, state, and federal grant programs.

5. Review and advise the Select Board on the relative merits of individual economic development proposals.

6. Broadly solicit input from the community and the region, including citizens, business owners and operators, clubs and non-profit organizations to advance economic goals and objectives.