Canaan Electric Aggregation Committee

The Canaan Electric Aggregation Committee meetings are held monthly on the Fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 pm at the Mascoma/Healthfirst Family Care Center, conference room – 18 Roberts Road, unless otherwise posted.

Community Power democratizes energy governance by empowering towns, cities and counties to choose where their electricity comes from on behalf of their residents and businesses. Community Power allows towns and communities to work with utilities on energy infrastructure upgrades and innovative services. The program serves as the default electricity supplier within the municipality and is self-funded through the revenues received by participating customers. Local electric distribution utilities continue to own and operate the “poles and wires” and deliver electricity to all customers in the municipality.

Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) is a nonprofit power agency governed by member communities. The coalition provides members:

1. The skilled expertise to operate a competitive power agency on behalf of all members along with economies of scale.

2. The technical assistance necessary to step Canaan through the process to launch Canaan Community Power.

3. A way for Canaan to realize economic and environmental benefits without impacting municipal budgets.

The Board of Selectmen voted to establish an Electric Aggregation Committee in March of 2024 pursuant to RSA 53-E6, to oversee the development of an electric aggregation program for the town of Canaan. The Electric Aggregation Committee is advisory to the Board of Selectmen.

The purpose of the committee is to draft an Electric Aggregation plan in compliance with RSA 53-E in “the best long-term interest of the community and ratepayers”. The committee will sponsor 2 public hearings to solicit public feedback and put forth the plan for voter approval at Town Meeting in March 2025.

For more information: See resources-related Links or e-mail Hope Stragnell, Chair Electric Aggregation Committee,

Zoom is available at this link: Electric Aggregation Committee Zoom

Community Power New Hampshire:



CPCNH selectboard presentation January 2024

Documents: 1) CPCNH Electric Aggregation Plan (template)

2) CPCNH Joint Powers Agreement (approved)

Hope Stragnell- Chair
Chuck Townsend- Secretary
Nancy Rosenthal
Joan Thomson