Government Buildings & Safety

Department Mission:

We are dedicated to insure that all of our buildings and their grounds meet/or exceed federal and state inspection requirements; are operating in an efficient and safe means; and that proper preventive maintenance programs are in place. In addition, we strive to make certain that our parks and recreation grounds are clean, safe and present the town in a positive and beautiful way.

  • Town Office
  • Library
  • Senior Center
  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Highway Department
  • Meeting House
  • Museum
  • Transfer Station
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Plant
  • Beach House
  • Cozy Corner
  • Williams Field Park
  • Canaan Street Beach
  • Main Street Commons & Islands
  • Meeting House Common
  • Wells Annex Shed

The Town of Canaan enforces the laws of the State of New Hampshire on serious violations of the State’s Junk Yard law. See the Town of Canaan Junk Yard Enforcement Policy for what constitutes a junk yard, when enforcement will take place, and what the penalties will be.

Enforcement Decision Tree

flow chart to determine enforcement on junkyards

The Building & Safety Committee focuses on safety & building projects to ensure that we meet legal requirements and provide cost effective repairs and updates for the town.

Who do I contact for general questions regarding town buildings?
Town Administrator: 603 523-4501 X5.

Who do I call in case of emergency?
All major fire, health or police needs should be directed to 911! If you have an emergency or safety regarding a building or grounds you should call & page the numbers below. Examples of these emergencies include doors locked or unlocked, toilets, sinks or water issues, trees down, electrical issues, etc.

How do I rent or use a town building?
Each town building has an appointed group or individual to mange this function. If you are unsure who to call, you can contact the Town office at 523-4501×105 to get assistance.

I noticed some people vandalizing town property, who do I contact?
Call 911 or the Canaan Police directly at 523 -7784. Do not take any action yourself.

I went to the park and found someone had vandalized town property, who do I contact?
Call the town administrator at 523-4501 x5.

Why haven’t some buildings been fixed or painted?
Funding is generally the major issue we face when trying to repair or build new. The town accepts contributions for many of our historic buildings; call the town administrator to learn how you can help. We are currently working with the budget committee volunteer groups and the CIP (Capital Improvement Committee) to put together a plan to fund many of these major projects.