Author: Sharon Duffy

  • Historic District Hearing

    Notice is hereby given for a public hearing. The submitted application is for short term rental in conjunction with single family residence on property owned by Alexander Ishii and Lisa…

  • Planning Board Hearing

    The Planning Board will conduct a public hearing on a two-lot subdivision of map 3 lot 61-2, located west of 157 Talbert Hill Road.  Hearing will be at 6:45 PM…

  • Covid in Canaan

    There have been 28 new cases during the last 2 weeks of September in Canaan and 21 of those are still active. Only 11 of the cases were school age cases. The rest were adults.

  • Sherrill Zani

    From the Assessor’s Office

    PRELIMINARY Values are now available (this are not the FINAL value - only an APPROXIMATION): To learn more, click below.

  • budget committee meeting

    Budget Committee Meeting

    Thursday, Oct 21. 2021: 7pm EOC, 52 NH Route 118 Canaan, NH

  • Paving: Grist Mill Hill Road

    Paving is expected to happen the week of October 11-15. Plan for delays and detours.

  • Public Hearing @ Select Board Meeting: New Building on Class VI Road

    Gail and Gary Herschel are seeking permission to erect a new building on map 16 lot 20-1 which has frontage on Sugar Hill Road and Old South Road, both of…