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Canaan . . .

A friendly Community created by helpful neighbors and willing volunteers. A community that shares in

A strong community tied together by efficient and responsive
Town Government and civic and community groups.

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A place of Opportunity that provides the perfect setting for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Craftsmen in the natural beauty that draws visitors to our lakes, trails and mountains. We come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse talents, hold independent views, and express ourselves in many different ways.

For a closer look at how you might find your perfect niche here, visit our Opportunity Page.

The Heritage of New England still plays a strong role in Canaan. We value our history, meeting places, old ways, and lessons from the past. Our heritage helps us to embrace the future.

For images from our past, understanding of our history and our efforts to retain our traditions, visit our Heritage page.

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 *Upcoming Closings:

Monday, October 9: Town Office & Library

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For Public Notice:

The Canaan Hazard Mitigation Plan is reviewed and updated every 5 years. The latest update was finished and authorized in July 2017. Read the plan here.

The Subcommittee of the Planning Board on Wind Energy has created a Draft Ordinance for Large Wind Energy Systems. Please read the draft and direct any comments or questions to that committee. They meet on the the first Thrusday of the month at 4pm in the Town Conference Room.

transfer station sticker with pink decal

2017-2018 Transfer Station Stickers

Beginning September 1, 2017 only PINK transfer station decal stickers will allow you to use the Canaan Transfer Station. You may pick up your latest transfer station sticker at the town office.

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Notice of Planning Board Subcommitte Meetings

The Wind Energy Systems Subcommittee of the Planning Board will meet the first Thursday of each month at 4pm in the Town Conference Room. For more information visit the Planning Board Page.


flooding on route 4 in CanaanFlood Mitigation in Canaan

The second and final Hearing on ideas to reduce flooding in the Village of Canaan was held on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Prior to the Village Flood Study, a typical flood would result in 23 major structures flooded. Five of those would be flooded cellars. 12 buildings are commercial structures.

The study looked at 10 options. All of the effective options involved a new underpass under Route 4 to pass more water under Route 4.

map of proposed mitigation

All the effective options included spillways or large culverts to move more water out of Williams Field and around the lower trestle behind Dale Barney’s house.

spillway map
spillway map

At the request of Michael Fogarty, Sean Sweeney of Headwaters Hydrology examined a 11th management strategy which was to widen a passage through rock outcroppings just up-stream of the Grist Mill Hill Bridge. The review of the 11th option indicated that there was no real improvement for the Village. The maximum would be a minimal elevation change for a single house. The biggest problem would be getting permits to remove bedrock from the side of the river for little improvement.

granite rocks in river

Chris Fournier of HEB Engineers joined Sean Sweeney in discussing Options 2, 4, 9 and 10. All of these options use spillways and underpasses under the Route 4 Bridge by Williams Field.

Option 10

Most expensive. $5.5 million. Uses all box culverts. Still floods Dale Barney, Ricard barn, Majewski print shop, old hardware store, cellar of Assembly of God and Canaan Village pizza for a total of 6. Of these, 3 are cellars only.

Option 9

Second most expensive at $5 million. Uses spillways and 2 Route 4 crossings. The flooding is a total of 5 of which 2 are cellars only.

Option 4

$2.6 million. Uses all culverts and only 1 Route 4 crossing. Same impact as 9.

Option 2

$2.4 million. Uses all spillways and only 1 Route 4 crossing. Total of 7 buildings of which 3 are cellars only.

The two engineers, Selectmen, and public weighed how many buildings would be protected by each option against the cost.

There was also consideration of where the funds would come from. Both engineers thought that national competitive grant awards would be difficult. A variety of other funding options were also considered.

As a way of making the project more affordable and doable by next year, HEB suggested splitting the Route 4 portion off since it is most expensive: OPTION 12

The reduced project would only have two or three spillways between the Route 4 Bridge and Grist Mill Hill. There would be no underpass under Route 4. As with Option 9, there would be a total of 5 buildings flooded of which 2 would be cellars only. The cost would be $670,000 and a likely candidate for State Emergency Flooding Mitigation. Of the original 23 buildings that regularly flood, this plan would save 18 and 2 more would flood only in the cellar. Only 2 are commercial. The cost is very reasonable and only 12% of the expensive plan with almost the same results.

map of overall plan

The lack of additional passage under Route 4 would continue to impact Canaan Village Pizza and slightly increase the water flow over part of Route 4 during a 100 year flood to a little over a foot in some areas by Canaan Village Pizza.

If the Route 4 Bridge was reconstructed in the future, the span could then be widened to increase the flow under the bridge to an appropriate amount.

2017 Rain Damage

eroded road ditches crumbling road pavement
Heavy summer rains in 2017 resulted in 12 damaged roads in Canaan. The Town applied for a FEMA Grant to make repairs.

Thank You Recreation Department

2017 beach scene
Thanks to the Recreation Department, many people have enjoyed a safe and fun summer at the Canaan Street Beach!

Work Begins on Cell Phone Tower Site

dirt road cut into the tower site clearing for tower siteIndustrial Communications has begun work to construct a cell phone tower that will be used by Verizon Wireless and local emergency services for communications. The site is at 173 Gristmill Hill Rd. The tower will be located near the back of the property near the boundary with the Fish & Game Club.

And. . . .

Don't forget to check out the Old Home Day Photos on the Old Home Days Page and the Christmas in Canaan Galleries on the Christmas in Canaan Page

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