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Canaan . . .

A friendly Community created by helpful neighbors and willing volunteers. A community that shares in

A strong community tied together by efficient and responsive
Town Government and civic and community groups.

For Boards, Departments & Town Information, visit our Town Government Page or the Town Offices Tab.

job opportunity collage

A place of Opportunity that provides the perfect setting for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Craftsmen in the natural beauty that draws visitors to our lakes, trails and mountains. We come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse talents, hold independent views, and express ourselves in many different ways.

For a closer look at how you might find your perfect niche here, visit our Opportunity Page.

The Heritage of New England still plays a strong role in Canaan. We value our history, meeting places, old ways, and lessons from the past. Our heritage helps us to embrace the future.

For images from our past, understanding of our history and our efforts to retain our traditions, visit our Heritage page.

historic places collage


To View regular Town Office Hours & Contacts, please view the Town Offices Tab.

 Upcoming Closings:

Thursday, November 26: Town Offices, Transfer Station, and Library

Friday, November 27: Town Offices and Library

Saturday, November 28: Town Offices

Official Notices:

To request Town Notices by email, Click Here.


Job Description for Highway Department

Job Description for Police Officer

There are two full time positions open for the Town of Canaan. A full time laborer and equipment operator for the Highway Department and a full time law enforcement officer. Deadline for the highway worker is December 15, and an application form can be found here. The deadline for the police officer is November 25th, which requires that a resume and cover letter be submitted to the Police Department.

hydrantCanaan Hydrant Replacement

The Town will be replacing two fire hydrants, one near the Fire Department and one near the Williams Field from Nov 16-25. This may affect water service temporarily.

valid sticker imageNew Transfer Station Stickers Issued

After July 1, 2014 Green Transfer Station stickers will only be valid with the addition of the yellow update decal. Please obtain this decal at the Town Office.

The yellow sticker MUST be added to a green sticker to be valid, and the green sticker number must be linked with the registered vehicle plate. Failure to do so will result in your sticker being invalid, and you will not be able to use the transfer station until you have a valid sticker.


You Can Get There from Here!

close up of signThere is a new directional sign in front of the Canaan Library. Thanks to many people who helped through the sponsorship of the Friends of Canaan Village, the directional sign returned to Route 4 after decades of being absent.

sign from the streetDale and Bobbi Barney contributed the sign that had been in storage. Dimitri Gerakaris undertook the task of restoring the sign. Ken Lary and Gary Wood were instrumental in getting the sign project organized and seeing it through. Bob Scott and the Canaan Highway Department installed the sign this past week. See if the mileage has changed over the past sixty years.

And Speaking of Signs...

Noyes Academy Marker
Noyes Academy was recently recognized with a New Hampshire heritage sign at the location of Union Academy. This is a reminder of the many facets of our Town history. The sign was orchestrated by the Canaan Historical Society.

Elliot Field Buildings Move to their New Home

Elliott Field Elliott Field
The Highway Department completed the moving of the dugouts, scoring booth and concession stand to the new Elliott Field. The scoring booth was nearly 20 feet tall and had to be cut in half and moved separately. The video below shows the precision of the highway crew in attaching the two parts using a very large loader. Ed Provencal exhibited great skill in making the placement with quarter inch adjustments. Great job.

Police Show Support For Cancer Survivors

Pink ribbon on cruiserOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Chief Samuel W. Frank and the Officers of the Canaan Police Department are proudly showing their support for Breast Cancer Survivors, those fighting Breast Cancer and those who have courageously fought the battle to the end. For the month of October, all Canaan Police Department cruisers are proudly displaying a Pink Ribbon. It is our hope that this continues to raise awareness as well as a way to honor those mentioned above.

Canaan Motorclub LLC Track Improvements

The Canaan Motorclub track is growing. The Summer/Fall season officially ended Mid-October with a performance of Karts. Throughout the Fall, the contractors have been working to almost double the length of the track. With the close of the season, the old asphalt track was cut and a whole new section added that goes from the old asphalt track to the front of the grand stand by the dirt track and then through a couple of sharp turns back to the old asphalt track. The paving will be complete by October 23rd making the challenging road track 1.4 miles long.

paving machines and trucks
Pavers taking advantage of the great weather.

track from the grandstands
The corner leading to the front of the grandstand.

track looking toward old grandstands
Looking from the old asphalt track towards the wooden grandstand.

new track connecting back into old track
The sharp turns that return the track to the old asphalt track.

New Ambulance

Ambulance 3
Canaan FAST Squad recieved their new Ambulance 3, a Ford/Osage, at the the beginning of October.It is now stocked and ready to roll.

2015 Highway Paving Projects

A major reconstruction of Codfish Hill has been completed. A half mile of the steepest sections of Codfish was rebuilt to improve drainage and prevent ice buildup and cracking of the asphalt.

Codfish Rd rebuilt base Codfish Hill Rd drainage swale Codfish Hill Detention Pit

There were 8 new detention pits and 5 catch basins installed.

All new road base, asphalt base and top coat has been finished. View photos of the entire project on the Highway Department Page.

Codfish Hill Rd paving Codfish Hill Rd paving

Commendations Awarded to Local Police

Sam Frank receiving commendationOn Tuesday, September 1, 2015, local Police Chief Sam Frank and Officer Sam Provenza recieved commendations for their actions a recent arrest that resulted in the arrest of a wanted criminal.

certificate of commendation for Sam FrankChief Sam Frank and Officer Sam Provenza were responsible for pulling over a vehicle on July 4, at 10:55 p.m. on Route 4 for a routine defective equipment stop. During the motor vehicle stop, officers attempted to identify a male passenger in the vehicle. The passenger provided a false name and did not possess identification, and the female driver of the vehicle also provided false information about her male passenger.

award for Sam ProvenzaThe Hanover Dispatch Center working with the officers identified the passenger as Anthony Alexander, 25, of Claremont, a wanted parolee from New York State. The discovery came when dispatch found a nationwide extradition warrant out for Alexander for parole violation — dangerous drugs. He was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice. The driver of the vehicle, identified by police as Alla Rose Evans, 30, of Claremont was charged with a summons for hindering apprehension and obstructing government administration. She also faced additional charges.

certificate of commendation for Sam ProvenzaBoth of these arrests showed the effectiveness of a regional dispatch service and the power of computerized communications and information networking that was coupled with the on-site effectiveness of the officers. Pulling this dangerous person off of the streets made our community and our region a safer place to live. Thank you and congratulations.

Recycling Changes Coming Soon!

There will soon be a new recycling system in place at the Canaan Transfer Station.


Learn more on the Transfer Station Page!

Old Home Days 2015 Photos are Up!

Crescent Campsites float

See the Old Homes Day Committee Page!

Canaan Motorclub, LLC Welcomes Drift Racers

Canaan Motorclub, LLC introduced a great new racing event on Saturday, August 22nd. A half dozen racers from the Boston area used the new road track with about seven turns as a platform for Drift Racing.

Drift Racing features high speed cars sliding sideways (drifting) through all the turns. The sport was made famous in the recent movie, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Click on the link about to watch the drift racers at Canaan Motorclub. The Drift Racers will be returning to the track this fall. We will publicize the date on this website, and free public viewing will be available from the hill overlooking the track that is located just beyond the track on Orange Road.

Great News for Mascoma Community Healthcare Center!

architectural rendering of clinicThe two major pieces of the health center financing is a $2,805,000 mortgage for the land and building and a $478,000 loan for the equipment in the center. USDA has formally committed the money for both the mortgage and the equipment loan. The last piece of the funding needed is the balance of the operating reserves needed to fund the center for the first two years. We would like at least $775,000 in operating money. We have raised $313,000 to date and have requests out for another $350,000 from area foundations. We need the help of individuals to raise the last $100,000. Click here to see our donation form. Any amount will help but larger gifts will mean that we can go out to bid for construction. The bid process will start when we reach $600,000 of the $775,000 goal.

Total raised and committed to date is Three Million, Six Hundred Thousand Dollars.

The Right Care. The Right Cost. Right Here. We need your help Right Now!

Help us raise the last $100,000 from our five Mascoma communities.

EOC Receives Grant!

EOC before equipmentThe Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the new addition at the complex that houses the Police, Fire, and Ambulance departments has received a grant for $98,000. This money will be used for office and communications equipment, including sophisticated computer systems that will allow us to communicate with the state regional resources and local fire, police, highway, and rescue teams during any community emergency.

The town of Canaan typically needs an emergency operations center at least once or twice per year. More than 50 individual employees and volunteers have assigned roles in emergency situations in Canaan. They have performed with great professionalism and dedication for decades.

Fun on the Fourth!

Canaan celebrated Independence Day with extensive activities. The Mascoma Valley Parks and Recreation partnered with the Canaan Masonic Social Summit Lodge to put on the sanctioned 4 mile road race in the morning.

race winners race mascot
finish line
fun and games  starting line

Canaan Hall hosted a flea market, two musical events and a variety of food including burgers and fruit smoothies. The afternoon had racing demonstrations at the new Canaan Motor Club raceway. The new track that is just under a mile in length with numerous turns had high performance Karts as well as sports cars racing on the two new tracks.
Canaan Hall 

mazda spec car
race trailers

The local model aeromodeliers demonstrated drones and some great video is available here of the new track taken by a done helicopter. The night concluded with s'mores and another great fireworks show sponsored by Cardigan Mountain School at dusk. More than 400 cars attended which exceeded last year by 150 vehicles.

drone footage image

Annual Canaan Lake Association Community BBQ 2015

annual meeting contest winning photo - lake aerial

Canaan Lake Association had their annual meeting and BBQ on July 11th. Jan Forbush retired as President and was replaced by John Bergeron. Charlotte Abington was elected Vice President. After the customary annual meeting and reports, the annual BBQ hosted by Cardigan Mountain School, was open to the whole community at no charge. The Association had informational displays set up in the Meeting House that were viewed by all as they picked up their lunch. Carol Williams won the annual photography contest and every dog in the dog show was a winner.

bbq line up dog show

Meeting House Ambience

In 2015, the attendees of the annual Meeting House Readings experienced a new sound system donated by the Friends of Canaan Town Library, and better lighting provided through donations to the Meeting House Preservation Committee. Many thanks to all who have given to these efforts to create such an enjoyable atmosphere!

an evening of readings

phonesCanaan Police ask, "Are You Prepared for the 2015 Hands Free Device Law?

Are you aware of the changes in the law regarding the use of cell phones, tablets, ipods, and other devices that take effect July 1, 2015? Read about them here and make sure you are ready to follow the law!

Racing in Canaan

track construction
track construction
track construction

Canaan Motorclub set a new national record in June 2015 when it completed its new high speed track on Orange Road in Canaan. The new track is constructed in a road race design with several corners and straightaways. The record set last week was the time that it took to complete the construction and totaled 26 weeks when the final pavement was completed at 1:52 PM on Friday, June 26th. The new track is the result of herculean effort by Driven Performance, Osgood Construction and Ocuto Paving who powered through the winter to complete the track by July 1st. Click here to take a video tour of the first ride around the track with Eric Wood of Penguin Racing

track panorama

 paving paving

Now that the high speed track is completed, there will be a variety of vehicles using the track this year.

New England SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) has already held several RallyX events on the property. During the past year there have been at least 4 race events. On February 7, 2015, a winter RallyX event was held at the track and another was held on June 27th just after the completion of the paving.

car demoThese are a few of the RallyX veicles that raced in the June event. RallyX cars need no particular equipment and focus on racing on dirt and grass in timed events. RallyX is a timed competition pitting a driver and his/her vehicle against a defined course. Watch a RallyX Video Herecar demo

RallyX is only part of the racing plan for Canaan Motorclub. As the year progresses. There will be a number of events that include racing motorcycles, sportscars, high performance Karts and perhaps even snowmobiles in the winter.

race event race event
 race event

High performance sports cars and Karts will be racing with speeds well over 100 MPH. Despite these speeds, the noise is tightly controlled to be no more than 96 db at the track and minimal at the property line. Four races have been held so far, no one has called to indicate that they have heard any noise.

The new owner of the Canaan Motorclub, LLC is dedicated to working with the town of Canaan and helping the community. The new track is a significant racing facility that e all can be proud of.

Miata Spec Car

working in a sunny doorway

8th Annual Hook-In

On June 14, the 8th Annual Meeting House Hook In was held. About 30 rug hookers joined together to share their craft. During the day, they collected donations to aid the Meeting House Preservation Fund. Others wishing to donate or to learn more about the Meeting House can find information here.

setting up  hard at work 

Canaan Expo Fun

At the recent Canaan Expo, the Canaan Police Department talked with local citizens about the upcoming Hands-Free Law for cell phones and other devices in cars. As part of the fun, they offered tours of the cruiser, gave radar equipment exhibitions, handed out traffic safety information, and answered questions about the upcoming changes in law.

child in police cruiser

A young Expo Visitor tours a Canaan Police Car

Memorial Flag

During the 2015 Canaan Memorial Day Parade, the Legion held a color ceremony to raise a flag donated in honor of Jack Porter by his family to memorialize veterans. This flag will continue to fly this year at the Veterans' Memorial on the Canaan Green. The Legion was joined by Canaan and Enfield Fast Squads, the Canaan Fire and Police Departments, the 4-H Club, the Scouts, and the Mascoma High School Marching Band in remembering those who have served our country.

Click here to view all photos of the Memorial Day Ceremonies and Parade.

Mascoma Band Legion

flag raising

New Bench at the Library!

happy friends on library bench
The Friends of Canaan Library recently donated a bench to encircle the tree on the library lawn. It is the perfect spot to catch up with friends, take a break in the shade, or to connect to the library's free wifi!

Thank YOU for a successful "Swimming through Spaghetti" Dinner for the Recreation Department!

a great crowdThanks to everyone for attending the Swim into Spaghetti Dinner on May 6th. More than 100 people joined the meal, donated to support the Canaan Beach program and swim lessons and listened to Bryan Conway's entertainment.

ready for icecreamSome of the comments – "Wonderful meatballs", "Really great singer", "The sausage sauce was excellent", "I went back three times"

kitchen helpSpecial thanks to the donors who added their contributions and to John Coffey, Marcia Littlefield, Bev Chapman, Carole Cushman, Chappy Kilgore and Suzan Ignacio for providing the work needed to prepare the food & decorations and to sell the tickets.

first hole2015 David O. Cushman Memorial Winter Golf Tournament Photos Are Up!

Be sure to check out the latest winter fun on the Friends of Canaan Village Page. Find the link at the bottom of the page under "Photo Galleries."

Canaan Fire Department is celebrating their 125th Anniversary in 2015!

This year the Canaan Fire Department is celebrating 125 outstanding years of service to its fire protection district! This is a big accomplishment for them and they can be recognized as one of the oldest departments in our area.

Canaan Fire Precinct 1898
Canaan Fire Precinct 1898

The Fire Department is currently gathering information for the history of the fire department and would love to gather more, let them know if you have any pictures or newspaper articles to contribute!

A few of the articles already gathered reveal their early history:

1876 – Town of Canaan voted NOT to establish a fire precinct. Thirteen years later (1889) November 4th, the Selectmen were petitioned to lay out a fire precinct – done on the 7th.

hose cart"There was a good attendance at the adjourned precinct meeting Saturday afternoon. It was voted to buy 750 feet of hose, a hose carriage and such other articles as may be thought necessary, and $600 was appropriated for that purpose. A committee, consisting of A.E. Barney, Hon. F.D. Currier, and A.M. Shackford, was chosen to expend the appropriation." – Canaan Reporter Newspaper Nov. 14, 1890.

Contact Alton Hennessy at firefighteralton@gmail.com if you have items of interest!

First Peek at New Meeting House Lights

meeting house lights
See more on the Meeting House Page!

Wind Turbines?

wind turbineAt the November 18, 2014 Board of Selectmen Meeting, a representative of a concerned community group from Alexandria, NH approached the board to pass on information on a possible wind turbine project for Canaan, Dorchester, Orange, Alexandria, and Groton. The presenter provided a map that showed proposed sites that were identified on a FFA website. None of this information has been independently verified nor has the Board of Selectmen had any communications from the company mentioned, EDP Renewables. We will continue to keep you informed of new information.

Highway Projects

beam setting
The concrete bridge beams for Goose Pond Bridge being set.

Check out photos of the Goose Pond Bridge project and other recent projects - Codfish/Talbert Hill Roads and Elliot Field - on the Highway Department Page!

police car

Crime Rates Increase in Canaan and Nearby Towns during the Past 3 Years!

Recently the Town Administrator looked at the increase in crime in Canaan. Click here to see what was found and how it impacts our Police Department.

Mascoma Community Healthcare Receives Gift

Mascoma Community Healthcare, Inc. received a tremendous boost from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation. The Foundation donated $50,000 which is enough to start our engineering and architectural work. The Foundation pledged an additional $50,000 when Mascoma Community Healthcare receives its 501 (c)3 status in about 60 days. On behalf of the many volunteers bringing this idea to fruition, thank you so much!

Congratulations Sam!

Sam Provenza

On August 22nd, Sam Provenza completed his training to become a full time law enforcement officer for the Town of Canaan. Sam joined the Canaan Police Department in January of 2012. He joined us while working for D-H DART and quickly became an active and dedicated employee. During his most recent training he received an accolade for having the highest cumulative academic grade of any officer in his training class. This is a repeat performance from his training as a part time officer. Sam filled a vacant full time position in January of this year. Nice to have him as a full time officer.

Safety Complex Open House & Dedication

Open HouseOn August 15, 2014 the Canaan FAST Squad and the Canaan Police Department hosted an open house for residents to view the new FAST Squad complex that included enhanced police facilities and a new meeting room used for training and emergency operations as well as community meetings.

DedicationMore than a hundred people joined FAST Squad members in taking tours of the facility and enjoying refreshments donated by Chappy Kilgore and Susan Ignacio. Chief Sam Frank acted as emcee and thanked more than thirty corporate and individual donors who made the complex financially possible. The facility was dedicated to those volunteers and donors. A number of community volunteers were also recognized for their labor in completing the job as was MTD Construction.

VehiclesThe new facility doubles the space available for the Police Department and FAST Squad and allows the FAST Squad to offer 24 hour coverage on site as well as future non-emergency transport service. No tax dollars were used in the expansion of the facility and it was made possible by donations and funds previously raised by the FAST Squad.

View photos of the new facility on the FAST Squad Page

memorial walkwayEngraved Brick Walkway for Veterans' Memorial

Canaan American Legion Weld-Webster Post 55 has completed the brick circle around the Canaan Veterans Monument and is now selling engraved bricks for the walkway. The bricks are $50 each and can be engraved with two lines of type. Forms are available at the Legion Post, Canaan Hardware, the Town Office, or call Harry Armstrong at 603.523-7093.

Note: The names on the Monument are still being collected and verified and will be done at a later date. The Monument is now in a beautiful setting that honors those veterans who served from Canaan. More information for submitting veteran information can be found on the Veterans' Memorial Page

museum artworkLibrary Receives New Museum Passes!

Thanks to the Friends of the Library Canaan library card holders may now visit the Currier, the MASS MoCA, and the MFA in addition to Billings Farm, VINS, and Shelburne Museum! Check out their Museum Passes Page for more information.

And. . . .

Don't forget to check out the Old Home Day Photos on the Old Home Days Page and the Christmas in Canaan Galleries on the Christmas in Canaan Page

Blues Brother playing harmonica on car hood. North Pole sign


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yoga class
Recreation Department
Exercise Classes, Language Clubs, Kids' Programs, Trips, and More!

Current Highlights:
Elementary Cross Country Ski Program - Sign up by NOVEMBER 24!

library shelf
Canaan Town Library
Lego Club, Story Hour, Basement Bookies, & Humanities Programs are just a few!

Current Highlights:
November is Food for Fines Month!


be thankful angel
Thanksgiving Dinner

Please join us for a free Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Thursday, November 26
Canaan Hall (Fairgrounds Road)

Bingo to follow at 2:30

Non-perishable items for our local food banks accepted. Thanks!

Event flier
Click to view PDF

MVRHS Project Graduation 2016
Wreath Fund Raiser

event flier

Send request and payment to:
MVRHS Project Grad: Wreath
27 Royal Road, Canaan NH 03741.
Check payable to MVRHS Project Grad.


event flier
Click to view PDF

event flier
Click to view PDF.

Check out last year's fun on the
Christmas in Canaan Page

child and goatLive Outdoor Nativity Play

Sunday, December 20, 2015
7:00 – 7:30 PM

Go back in time and visit Bethlehem as you watch real people and animals reenact the great historical event of Christ's birth!

Under the big shining star you will see Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus, watch as the shepherds arrive with their sheep, the three wise men as they offer their valuable gifts to the baby Jesus, and the glorious appearing of the heavenly angel.

This 30 minute play is festive fun for the whole family and a great way to kick-off your Christmas celebration! FREE hot chocolate and cookies for all who attend. There is always FREE parking! But, don't be late. We start and end promptly.

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