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volunteers at beachRecognition Night 2013

No town thrives without the dedication of many hard working volunteers and employees. Recognition Night brought to the public all the great events and people that had served Canaan in the prior five years. Click here to see for yourself all that was done for Canaan.

Welcome to our online forum where you can ask the questions that you have been wondering about town government or other events in town. You may send your comments or questions to the Town Administrator at townadmin@canaannh.org. We will publish the issues or comments that seem the most pertinent to the town in general.

January 2014

Important Personnel Information

 It has come to the attention of the Town that a page on a social media website has been created to address a personnel matter involving a current Town employee which seeks public response to Town officials.

Both the Town Administrator and the Chief of Police have addressed the issues in public statements. Please read their full responses in the following letters.

Response from Town Administrator

Response from the Chief of Police

November 2013

This month's letter came from Tillman Gerngross, the new owner of the property at the former Canaan Speedway. He writes:

"Mike - There appear to be consistent rumors about me wanting to shut down the road to the dump. I have no idea where these rumors are coming from and who is propagating them, but as you and I know they lack any basis in fact. I don't know what to do about it but would be good to find a way to end the unnecessary speculation and concern people may have. Since I don't even own the road to the dump this makes zero sense to me.

Tillman Gerngross"

Mike responds to Mr. Gerngross' concerns and to several other related issues that came through recently.


Tillman Gerngross is going to close the road to the transfer station.


The Town bought the transfer station property and the road on 7/17/1990 and the deed is recorded in the Grafton County Registry of Deeds at book 1869 at page 545. Mr. Gerngross has nothing to do with the road or transfer station.


Canaan hall was closing and wouldn't be available for parties or dinners and other public events. No drinking is allowed.


Mr. Gerngross turned the use of Canaan Hall over to the town. We did not and will not buy the Hall. The Town is paying no rent on it. The Town pays for heat, lights and minor maintenance. The building is available for rent by community organizations, individuals and businesses and at a fraction of what the rental fee used to be. So far there have been twelve events scheduled in the first six weeks that have raised enough to pay for half of the heat this winter. For the first time in decades, Canaan Hall will be open all year. Tillman has agreed to work with the Town to improve the building and make it even more accessible. Drinking for private groups is allowed if there is liability insurance. Commercial alcohol is allowed if there is an off premises liquor license and commercial liability insurance.


Elliott Field has been removed and won't be available for Little League any longer.


Tillman paid $16,000 to the Town to move Elliott Field to an area behind the two ball fields at Canaan Elementary School. The School Board agreed and the buildings, lights and fences were removed in September. They will be installed at the elementary school next spring and the field will be leveled and parking areas created. Unlike the former Elliott Field, it will be located on public property but will remain Elliott Field in honor of its founder. The priority for use will be Little League and community youth sports.


The Town isn't taxing Mr. Gerngross on the property.


All of the area used by Tillman will be taxed as commercial property. Furthermore, Tillman intends to double the tax value of the property with improvements. The Town is waiving property taxes on Canaan Hall for so long as the town uses it, but the new tax revenue is double the waived revenue.


Mason will bring back stock car racing to the track in 2014.


There are discussions between Tillman and Mason about temporary use of the part of the track in the early season. As recently as two weeks ago, Tillman repeated his plan to rebuild the track as a road style track with fewer participants, different vehicles, and less community impact.