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Canaan . . .

A friendly Community created by helpful neighbors and willing volunteers. A community that shares in

A strong community tied together by efficient and responsive
Town Government and civic and community groups.

For Boards, Departments & Town Information, visit our Town Government Page or the Town Offices Tab.

job opportunity collage

A place of Opportunity that provides the perfect setting for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Craftsmen in the natural beauty that draws visitors to our lakes, trails and mountains. We come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse talents, hold independent views, and express ourselves in many different ways.

For a closer look at how you might find your perfect niche here, visit our Opportunity Page.

The Heritage of New England still plays a strong role in Canaan. We value our history, meeting places, old ways, and lessons from the past. Our heritage helps us to embrace the future.

For images from our past, understanding of our history and our efforts to retain our traditions, visit our Heritage page.

historic places collage

Official Notices:

To request Town Notices by email, Click Here.

The Town Clerk's office will be closing 30 minutes early on Wednesday, September 23rd in order to attend an important Zoom Meeting. The office will be open regular hours from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm that evening.




drought chart

We recently had 3 residents ask the Fire Department for water to be pumped into their wells.   We are unable to fulfill those requests because we do not have the ability to sanitize the water for drinking and a dry well will just absorb the water and it would not be feasible. 

If you need water, you can fill containers from the village water system at the elevated faucet on the west end of the Town Green.  

The Village of Canaan draws water from Canaan Street Lake, which is down 10 to 12 inches and the region is in abnormally dry conditions. 

Please click HERE to check out these suggestions on the Town of Canaan website to help conserve water.  



The submitted Historic District application is for a new home on waterfront property off Canaan Street owned by Robert and Stacey Low, tax lot I-E-13-6.

The hearing will be held on Monday September 21, 2020 at 7:15 PM in the Canaan Fire Station 62 Route 118 in Canaan, NH. The application will be on file at the Town Offices for inspection during regular business hours. It may also be viewed at: https://tinyurl.com/hdc-Low

The Canaan Planning Board will hold a public hearing on September 24, 2020, at 6:15 PM, at the Canaan Fire Station, 62 NH Route 118, Canaan NH. Jonathan Dyer proposes a 2 lot subdivision at 636 NH route 118, Map 12, lot 41. Application my be viewed at town office.

The Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing September 24, 6:30 PM at the Canaan fire station at 62 Route 118, Canaan NH on a request from Liberty Utilities to remove trees on the following scenic roads: Sawyer Hill, Codfish Hill, South, and Hinkson Brook.


The New Hampshire General Election

nh state seal

Canaan Fire Station
62 NH Route 118
Canaan, NH
8:00 am to 7:00 pm


September 8th Voting Results

voting results

voting results


Household Hazardous Waste Days

Saturday, September 19, 2020
8:00am - 2:00pm


Bulky Waste

Saturday, September 26th, 2020
8:00am - 8:00pm

Raindate is Saturday, October 3rd, 2020


What can you recycle?

recycling list
Click HERE to view PDF


Tom Marlar Remembered

Thomas Marlar

Tom Marlar worked as the Town's Mechanic for the past three years. During the time that he worked with us, he saved the Town a total of $95,000 by completing repairs that previously had been sent to third party repair services. Tom absolutely believed that this was his duty. He worked as hard as he could to save money for the taxpayers.

Tom Marlar died on Friday, August 14th of a massive heart attack in front of the ambulance bays.

It is the consensus of the Town Selectmen and employees that Tom was the best mechanic that had served the Town in the last fifteen years. He was able to fix anything mechanical in the Town and often in very little time. In the winter, he could also be seen plowing snow in one of the trucks.

It wasn't just the Town and taxpayers he helped. He personally helped many of the people he worked with when their cars had problems. He never charged for it and he was offended if you declined his help.

All of the Town crew that responded to his heart attack were emotionally shaken and felt that they had lost an important friend.

Tom was a little concerned about the possible conspiracies that might affect us but he also had a deep and personal understanding of his own role in the universe and was respectful of the divine and other people.

I think of Tom as one of my friends and I will miss him professionally and personally.

Tom was product of the US Marine Corps where he was trained as a diesel mechanic. After working for 22 years at RSD Leasing in White River Junction, he joined the Town of Canaan "to cut down the commute". Tom was previously married to Victoria Wallace Marlar with whom he had a son; Thomas Marlar Junior. Thomas Junior graduated from Mascoma High school in 2011.

It will be very difficult if not impossible to replace him. We will certainly miss his excellent work and the annual tax savings that he generated.

Michael Samson, Town Administrator


Canaan Street Beach is OPEN

  E. Coli level was 14.8 which is safe.

The New Hampshire advisory limit is 156 or 10 times the current level at the beach.

If you want a safe beach, DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS. They are cute but they defecate.

dont feed ducks sign


The Canaan Board of Selectmen strongly recommends the use of 

MASKS inside of buildings and stores and where social distancing isn't possible . .


social distancing poster


mt. cardigan fire report

cardigan fire
cardigan fire


As you travel around Canaan you may notice John Coffey, the Town of Canaan's Water and Sewer Operator, working on the roads with an intern from the University of New Hampshire.  They are measuring and mapping the water system and will be using this information as a base point to locate and confirm our existing water system.


Goose Pond Dam

Emergency patch provided by Paul DeSantis with aid from Ethan Harris.

goose pond dam goose pond dam repair
goose pond dam repairs 3
goose pond dam repair 2

Update from Goose Pond Association about State dam.

This dam update is about the long-term plans for the dam, which is unrelated to the breach in a few wood boards that we had on August 8th.  I presented the following information to attendees of the Annual Meeting. For those that missed it, here we go...

1- The dozen orange core monitors have been in place for over a year and checked weekly by DES.  They have revealed significant leaking.

2- It has been determined that the earthen portion is deformed (and comprised of material insufficient for its purpose) and the concrete portion is partially cracked.  They believe there is a level of safety risk downstream, and have determined that major repairs are needed.

3- Engineering of such repairs is currently underway, which should be complete in 6-9 months.

4- Once a plan is complete, the scope of repairs will be better understood and an effort to estimate costs takes place.

5- Once costs are understood, a Budget Request would take place in late 2023 / early 2024.

6- If approved, work would begin late 2024 at the earliest and continue into 2025.

7- This will be a major drawdown similar to 1980 when more than half the lake was bare with only the deepest sections in the very middle holding water. Most of that will be in the fall, winter and early Spring.

8- The re-fill will be in phases, determined by work progress, with the intent to re-fill as soon as possible.  The contractor will be under a performance penalty clause to avoid delays & disruption to lake recreation, as much as possible.  

9- It is WAY TOO EARLY in the process to answer any specific questions about how much, when, what if, etc. etc.  We've had good communications with DES on this, and will update the GPLA accordingly as the process unfolds. The intent is to limit disruption to recreation activity in Summer 2025, but there will be no guarantee. This is a projected timeline with a number of major variables.  But after discussion with DES, we all felt it was important to give our residents a heads up at this point. At this point, we wait on the process...

Once the patched boards have been repaired by DES, I will send out an update.

-Best wishes to all,

-Michael Riese


Canaan Town Library

library entrance

Starting August 18, the library will be open by appointment. Three days a week, you will be able to schedule a 30 minute appointment for you and members of your household (up to a total of 8 people, infants and toddlers count!) to use the library. Face masks will be required and we will ask you to sanitize your hands when you enter the library. We also ask that you practice social distancing while in the library. A limited number of 30 minute in- person appointments will be available each week.

You can:
• browse the stacks
• check out materials
• use a computer
• send a fax
• make photocopies

For folks who would like to grab their library materials and go -- Library Take Out is a great option!

Please call 523-9650 or email circulationdesk@canaanlibrary.org to learn more and schedule your appointment. Please remember that we are excited to see you and your families, but currently, there will not be time to visit or linger. We will be happy to assist you in finding materials and answering reference questions. To make appointments available for a larger group of patrons, we ask that you be prepared to check out materials that can last you and your family 3 weeks. If you need to supplement these materials, feel free to use our Library Take Out program. For more information please visit our website: https://www.canaanlibrary.org/


Granite State Dog Recovery

“The Race Against Time”

lost dog

lost dog

Every so often we come across a dog that is in desperate need of help. Last weekend our team was working on the husky mix who was roaming in Springfield NH when we were made aware of another dog that was in desperate need of rescue.

While waiting for our husky friend to cooperate and go into the trap we decided to check out another situation in Canaan NH. Our team arrived in town and spoke with the Canaan Police Department who told us that there has been a dog roaming around town over the last month. This dog would not allow anyone to get close enough to him or her and would run off the second someone tried to help.

The goal over the next week would be to get the dog eating in one location so it could be successfully trapped. Local Residents Sherrill & Jason Took on the task to make this happen as we live pretty far away. While speaking to them about the situation, we were able to successfully trap the other dog in Springfield, so we jumped back in the van and we were off.

Camera was set in the location of where our brown and white friend was hanging out, we were unsure if it was a coonhound, pointer, a mixed breed we knew nothing else other than it was a dog in need of SERIOUS HELP.

Well the 1st night was successful and the dog was on camera, almost all night long eating and then looking for more to eat. It Bingo, it was a red tick coonhound, but who was this? where did he belong? How far did he travel?

Monday Night we headed back to Canaan NH and set the trap with high value food and sat and sat. Well our friend showed up for dinner, but he was so scared he would not enter the trap, circled it , backed up, ran from it but would just not go in. Before he headed back home, that evening we tied open the trap. When driving up in the fence, this lost scared dog ran to the fence line to see if we were his ride out of town, but realized we were not and quickly retreated into the darkness.

On video, we could tell based on this dogs behavior we needed to immediately STOP wasting time with the trap and set up the Gracie Kennel. If he did go into the trap it would misfire and slam him in the back which could in the end spook him out of the area.

So once again our team was back on the road the following night to set up the Gracie Kennel. Upon arrival we had a very curious coonhound watching us but quickly disappeared when he figured out we could see him. We set up the kennel, tied it open and baited it. Yes, hard to just drive away when you actually have eyes on the dog, but we were unsure if he would even go in and there would be no catching him, so that was not even option. The old saying goes you can NEVER OUTRUN A LOST SCARED DOG BUT EVENTUALLY YOU CAN OUTSMART THEM!

Well, the dog we named Sneaky Pete once again made a appearance stretching in for the bait trail and then quickly backing up. Pete got braver by the minute finally going in the kennel and running out with a mouthful of food. Through-out the evening he ran in and back out and did this for hours.

Morning quickly came, and things took a turn for the worst! There was a threat called into the town officials that if something was not done about this dog he would loose his life! Pete was getting himself into a situation on private property, but to Pete it was a fun game of grab the traffic cones and make a B-Line for it! Pete would play hide-n-seek and you cannot catch me with that silly golf cart so you should just park it Mr land owner.

Everyone in town rallied for for the dog and his best interest. The culverts were blocked the holes in the fences were blocked to keep Pete for going on private property. Clearly if a dog wants to be somewhere he will find a different way to enter the property.

Once again on Thursday evening in the race against time, we headed to Canaan NH. We quickly and quietly set the kennel with chicken stuffed with meat and wrapped in bacon and and headed out of the area to wait patiently. We yet again had another pizza for dinner while using the dashboard of the van has our dining room table, that is what you called gourmet dining at its best.

Well, it quickly became dark and we noticed two men headed into the area where the dog is known to hang out which was not a good thing. We asked them what they were doing, and they said they had permission to be there and headed into the area. Once again one there way out we asked them and they said they were there to look for the dog and that there were sent there by the property owner.

We sat and waited and waited for hours and Pete was a no show! We wondered if he was ok, did something happened we just did not know. Where was PETE, morning quickly came and Pete was still not there, honestly we had a horrible feeling that this would not end well.

It’s now Friday and still no Pete on camera. There was another threat made against this dog, he was either going to be shot or poisoned by Saturday evening. We made a desperate plea to find his family or even knew this dog. The post was shared 1000’s of times but still no owner, no family. We did get many responses for people that were willing to help and rally around to catch this beloved dog. Amazing, what we will all do for the love of a dog.

Friday evening, we were absolutely exhausted and running on maybe 10 hours of sleep for the entire week but we literally in a Race against time to catch Sneaky Pete. Thankful Jason & Sherrill and their daughter Carmen offered to bait and set and then wait hours for the dog to show up. Our team was on camera duty that evening, and waited and watched for Pete to make an appearance.

Finally at 1 AM Saturday Pete showed up to dine, in and out but not triggering the trap. Every step he took in was gut wrenching to watch, come on Pete just grab the meat buddy. Finally, he took the bait and BINGO THE DOOR SLAMMED SHUT, WE BEAT THE STOP WATCH PETE WAS SAFE AND SOUND!!!

Jason ran to the trap, and Pete sat there no barking, no growling no nothing, he seemed to say finally someone caught me thank goodness. Pete needed to be carried out of the kennel has he was not going to stand-walk or even move. Pete was brought to a secured area where he would be carried for in the morning.

Well once in the house, it was determined that Pete had a name plate on his collar! THE BEST NEWS EVER, his owners name and phone number along with town was on the collar which determined he was from approximately 30 miles away. We were able to make contact with his owner early Saturday morning!

Well Pete was really named Hank! Hank was only a 9 month old puppy who was missing since June and was only 7 months old when he got away, They did not think he would be able to survive the woods of NH and actually stopped looking for him two weeks ago has they had no sightings of him. They were pretty surprised when they received our phone call to find out their dog did survive and was SAFE! Hank was very relieved to see the truck he had been looking for and then to see his owner. Hank jumped into the back of the truck with his tail wagging and said I am finally going home!!!

We are beyond thrilled he had a collar, and tag so this reunion could be possible. Remember even if you do not have social media, get your dogs missing photo out there somehow and everywhere possible. We searched everywhere for a missing coonhound and came up empty handed we were very relieved he had a collar with tags.

We are so happy that this story had a very happy ending, as if Hank did not cooperate I am not sure what the conclusion of this story would have been.

Again, thank you to everyone in the Town of Canaan and beyond that rallied for the love of this dog!  Thank you to the Canaan New Hampshire Police Department, and everyone else that worked in the town that helped to make this recovery possible.

A huge thank you again to Jason Hurley and Sherrill and Carmen Zani for all your help as we could not have done it without you!



The Williams Field playground is now open.

Warning! There is no disinfectant used on the playground equipment. 

Williams Park Playground

New mulch has been laid down as part of the 2019 flood repair work.


rabies clinic



No brush burning permits will be allowed at this point due to the extreme dry conditions. Campfires are fine but please use caution.

Please use the online burn permit system if you need a fire permit:


Canaan Street Beach
bath house is Closed.

beach umbrella

The bathhouse is closed for repairs and a porta-potty is on site for the interim.

Water testing is done every two weeks.


NH state seal

Absentee Voting

The State of New Hampshire established a process for registering to vote by mail amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Guidance and instructions can be found via the @NHSecretary website: https://bit.ly/2Y5YkJl or click HERE

Any voter who is concerned about contracting or spreading COVID-19 may vote absentee in the 2020 elections.  Any voter may request an absentee ballot for the 2020 Elections based on concerns regarding COVID-19. Any voter who is concerned about COVID-19 should check the “disability” box.

You can also vote absentee IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING APPLY:  

Absence: You won't be in town during polling hours on election day.  

Disability:  You are unable to vote in person because of a disability or  illness. This includes concerns about COVID-19.  Work obligation, childcare or caring for infirm adults during polling hours.  Religious commitment prevents you from appearing in public at the polls.

To vote absentee:   You need to be registered with the town you live in to vote.  If you are not a registered voter and want to register online, start by clicking HERE.

1. Check your registration to make sure you are registered correctly by clicking HERE

2. To go to the Secretary of State's main page,   Request your ballot now by submitting the completed Absentee Request Application for each election to your town or city clerk's office by mail, email, fax, or in person.  This form should be available at your town clerk's office and can also be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s homepage by clicking HERE for “Voting During the COVID-19 State of Emergency.  

3. Check your mail for your official ballot. Your ballot usually arrives about 30 days before the election.  

4. Fill out your ballot from home. Make sure to sign it.  Read the instructions carefully and make sure you sign the envelope.  

5. Return your ballot to the town or city clerk's office.  You can send it in the mail or drop it off in person.

* Make sure to submit your absentee request more than 45 days before election day. The New Hampshire State Primary is:TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8,  2020.  

The New Hampshire General Election is:TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020. *

For additional questions about voting, please call the  Voter Assistance Hotline at 603-466-VOTE



Closings & Events:

 *Upcoming Events: Click Here!





You can now pay your property tax bill online.

Go the to Tax Collector page on the Town of Canaan Website or click HERE.  You can also register your car, search for vital records or get a dog license online on the Town Clerk Page of the Town of Canaan website.



These meetings are open to the public. 

Board of Selectman Meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of the month in the conference room on the lower level of the Library at 5:00 pm.  

The Trustees of the Library will meet the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Library.  Attendance at these meetings require a mask.

Meeting of the Planning Board shall be the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 5:00 pm at the Fire Department Meeting Room.  The next meeting is September 10th.  The Meeting on September 24th will be at 6:00 while the rest of the meetings will be at 5:00 pm.

Meeting of the Budget Committee will be Thursday, September 10th at 7:00 pm in the Meeting Room at the Fire Station.


Meeting of the  Historic District Commission, shall be held the third Monday of the month at 7:15 pm in the meeting room at the Fire Station.  



You've asked & asked and we heard you!

603 logo

We are now open for breakfast and lunch with our handheld breakfasts as well as having our full breakfast menu back. We are very excited to offer you great lunch options.

603 breakfast menu

603 lunch menu

The best news is with adding lunch again we will have more bakery items, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, tarts and a whole lot more.




NEWS! Revised rules

Town of Canaan Public Spaces

BEACH: Canaan Street Beach will now be open to residents for swimming and relaxing but the 6 foot safety distance must be maintained.  People may use chairs at the beach BUT MUST KEEP 6' DISTANCE. Unless swimming, please use a face mask. Please use common sense if the beach is crowded and stay safe. If people do not respect the 6 FEET we may have to close it down again.

The Board of Selectmen officially have limited the use of the following public properties:

Elliott Field: No team sports - walking and chairs with 6' isolation are ok. Wear mask.

Williams Field: The horseshoe pits are open BUT MAINTAIN 6' isolation distance. Use masks. Basketball is still not allowed. No team sports with spectators. Williams Field Playground is now open.

Reginald Barney Park (Depot Street): Walking, chairs with 6 foot distance and mask.

Meeting House: 10 or fewer ok - register

Meeting House Common: 6' distance - Wear mask.

Village Common: 6' distance - wear mask.

Farmers Market is open - honor 6' distance and wear masks.

All group ball teams please take note. People may park in the parking lots Maintain 6' isolation distance and wear masks on fields.

This does not apply to the Rail Trail



Disconnection of public services:
Click HERE

Prohibition of evictions and foreclosures:
Click HERE

Emergency Unemployment Benefits for Self Employed and Employees of others:
Click HERE

Paying the rent:

rental assistance logo

New Hampshire households with reduced income or increased expenses may be eligible for rent assistance as part of the federal CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund. Information can be found here and applications obtained here. If you need help applying, you can contact the helpful folks at LISTEN Community Services (603-448-4553, here


An Update on Friends Feeding Friends Food Distribution

This past week was the LAST week the Friends of Mascoma is distributing food through the pre-registration system with local law enforcement and emergency services we have had in place since March. We will close all food distribution operations for one week and REOPEN on Tuesday July 7th in Enfield and Wednesday July 8th in Canaan. Here is what the new set up will look like:

·Walk up only. No pre-registration is required.

·All shoppers and volunteers must have a mask. If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

·All shoppers are to practice appropriate social distance guidelines.

·Enfield Pantry: Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm behind the Enfield Police Station out of the EPD garage bay

·Canaan Pantry: Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm at the FOM and MTD garage bays

· Who are these pantries for?: Our pantries are open to anyone in need of a 3-day supply of groceries that lives in one of the 5 Mascoma Valley Towns: Canaan, Dorchester, Grafton, Enfield and Orange.

·How often can someone visit the curbside pantries: Once a week at either location. If you cannot make it to either location during those hours and don’t have a family member or friend who can pick up for you, please call 603.632.4542 or email elkozma@friendsofmascoma.org our Executive Director Eula Lee Kozma.

· If you are not able to physically get to the either location due to health reasons or other serious matters please call 603.632.4542 or email elkozma@friendsofmascoma.org our Executive Director Eula Lee Kozma. Special arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.

· What information is required: If you are a new pantry shopper, for statistical tracking purposes, we ask many questions. They are simple questions that do not require any paperwork on your part. Please come prepared to verbally let us know the name of your head of household, date of birth, relationship to head of household, and town and state of residence for each member of the household, as well as the number of and ages of all people in the household. If you are an existing pantry shopper we may confirm a few details, but you will not have to answer all questions again.

·A note on safety: The Friends of Mascoma Foundation is following guidelines from the CDC as well as normal food handling and safety procedures. All staff and volunteers are practicing physical distancing of six feet or more, and signage encourages all pantry shoppers to do the same. All staff and volunteers are participating in mandatory health checks upon entering the building each day; anyone who presents with symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is asked to self-quarantine before returning to the pantry. Pantry volunteers are wearing gloves when handling food, and they are wearing cloth masks when in the same room with other people or when stocking the pantry. We have set up hand sanitation stations inside our regular pantry and practice proper hand washing. Per the CDC and the FDA: “Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.”


police badge

The Canaan Police Department would like to better serve you. We are asking that you invite all your friends and family, especially if they live in town or in the area, to like our facebook page. We have approximately 3700 likes and followers but would love to double that. As you already know we push out a lot of valuable information and feel that it would benefit us as well as others to help us solve issues that come up or to advise you of things happening in the region. Please help us reach our goal. Thank you.

Click HERE to go to the Canaan Police Department Facebook page

What's Open in Canaan

BIG AL’s Fries by Al & Flo’s Concessions

by Williams Field in Canaan Village

big Al's Fries trailer
Big Al's menu

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  Haddock, Scallop and Haddock/Scallop Dinner for $20.00


Wednesday, Thursday. 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday and Saturday:. 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday. 11:00am to 6:00pm
closed Monday and Tuesday

Barney Insurance Open, Walk-ins welcome. Please wear a face covering. Business by phone and email 523-4407 info@barneyinsurance.com


Canaan Food Mart Open

canaan hardware
Canaan Hardware: 
Monday to Saturday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

We maintain 6' isolation distance

We will take orders by phone and you can pick up at our door.



223 NH Route 118.
One mile from Canaan Village

Sunday - Thursday 11-6
Friday and Saturday 11-7
Closed Monday
Cash Only.

Call in order for pick up

**Breakfast Menu** Breakfast Sandwiches on an English Muffin with choice of Bacon or Sausage $5.00 Hashbrowns $2.00
Hot Dog on a Grilled Roll $3.00
Hamburger or Cheeseburger $4.00
Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions $8.00
Steak and Cheese $8.00
Steak Bomb (add Onions, Peppers, and Mushrooms to our steak and cheese) $9.00
Grilled Cheese $4.00
Chicken Tenders with French Fries $10
Small French Fry $5.00
Large French Fry $7.00
Family French Fry $9.00

**Seafood - Serving Fridays and Saturdays.**
Clam Chowder $5.00
Lobster Roll with French Fries $15.00 (Sunday Only)

Strawberry Shortcake $5.00
Apple Pie $4.00 Weekends

Hot Coffee or Hot Chocolate sm $1.00 lg $2.00
Cold Canned Soda or Bottled Water $1.00

Located at Suzan's house at 223 NH Route 118. One mile from Canaan Village.

Dyers & LineX
Open Mon - Thurs  8 - 4 523-4442
listen center logo

Our Canaan store is open Monday-Sunday, 10AM - 5PM.  (603) 632-5331

Given the large number of donations being dropped off at our stores, it is critical for us to revise our donation hours going forward. LISTEN’s donation hours will change to be 9AM to 12PM, seven days a week.

Please note that if a vehicle/donor is in line to donate at noon, they will be unloaded. This applies to both locations that are open at this time, the Miracle Mile store in Lebanon and our sister store in Canaan.  

For the protection of our staff and donors, we are unable to assist with the donation process. Staff will be there to guide donors, but for everyone’s safety, they are unable to physically assist.  Our furniture pick up service is unavailable at this time. 

canaan village pizza logo

Canaan Pizza
1209 US-4, Canaan, NH
(603) 523-4314
Open Sunday to Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm

We are open for take out only.  Call ahead and we will deliver to your car.



Evans Expressmart
Open regular hours  523-7578

evans expressmart ********************************************
Golden Ming
Takeout only. Appetizer menu only.

Phone (603) 523-7979
Hours: Tue - Thu: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri - Sat: 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Sun: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Heartstone Therapeutic Massage is open by appointment.  Relax after all this stress !

massage business card

Hersey’s Transmission: 632-7669, Monday to Friday 8:30-5
open Monday-Saturday
PLEASE CALL (603)523-2029 to reserve a time to come and shop.

golden ming logo Golden Ming
Takeout only

Phone (603) 523-7979
Website http://goldenming1.placeweb.site
Status Today 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue - Thu: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri - Sat: 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Sun: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Independence Acres
311 Gristmill Hill Road, Canaan

meat prices
meat prices

Iron Dog

523-4472 Available for for Dog Boarding

Monday to Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-12 until May 1st
603 bakery logo

The 603 Bakery & Cafe
1182 US Rte 4, Canaan,
(603) 523-7709

Menu:   HandheldsDrinks, Smoothies

We will be open Monday-Saturday 6am to 11am offering breakfast, lots of bakery items and coffee/espresso drinks. We are happy to introduce a full SMOOTHIE menu!!!! We are offering call ahead and curbside for those who request it, others can come on in and grab food and drink, safely and quickly.

We tried the order ahead for baked goods and customers were very happy, we will do this everyday!!!! So please, please order the day before for any bakery orders of 6 or more items & we will have it ready for quick pick up! As always, especially during these uncertain times CASH IS KING! 

Jakes logo

Jakes - Canaan

OPEN 6-9 Mon-Sat and 6-8 Sun

We are now offering curbside pick-up at our Canaan, NH, location, for any item available in the store.  Curbside pick-up will be available 8am – 3pm, 7 days a week. Please call us at 603-632-1230 and say, “I’d like to place an order for Curbside Pick-Up."

jakes fruits jakes foods   jakes meats jakes deli

We have locally made facemasks on their way to each of our stores that will sell for $5.50 each.  Feel free to call your local Jake's to check on availability.

ice cream
Jim’s Garage
632-7957, Monday to Friday 8-5

Mascoma Auto
Monday to Friday 8:30 -6:30, Saturday 9-2
Mascoma Bank
The Lobby is now Open !

Perry’s Garage
252-8602, by appointment
   pleasant valley store logo

Cathy & Stu's Pleasant Valley Store
253 US-4, Canaan, NH
(603) 632-4603
Monday to Saturday 5am to 8pm
Sunday 7 am to 7 pm.

Tell them what you need and they will bag it up and bring it out to your vehicle. We also have a take-out window. 

take-out window

Prepared take-out meals available - click HERE for Menu

They will deliver for a $5.00 charge. Handicapped seating only in the store.


Iron Dog

Available for for Dog Boarding

red wagon logo

Take-out Open
Thursday to Sunday, 8am-2pm

red wagon takeout window
“RWB takeout is in full swing!  Come to the window or call ahead.   FRESH APPLE FRITTERS on Saturday :)


menu We will also be introducing ICE CREAM on SATURDAY! Pure and simple...the way ice cream used to be. First 20 ice cream customers will receive a special cookie treat! We hope to see you this weekend!”

We are ecstatic to be opening up our window for TAKE OUT SERVICE. Hours are THURS-SUN 8am-2pm and we have our full breakfast and lunch menu, specials, baked goods, espresso, and drinks available. We may be working out a few kinks in the first couple weeks to see what works best for this new platform — we appreciate your patience as we do so!

Outdoor socially-distant seating is in effect in the front and backyard. We are a staff who wear masks and gloves, and hand wash frequently between gloves! If you’d like curbside or any other assistance, we are happy to oblige. We will have purell stations available and are taking all precautions to sanitize any areas customers frequent. We ask that everyone be conscious of other patrons and to please wear a mask when ordering or in close proximity to customers not in your party 🙂 we are always here to help if you’d like something wiped down or have a question regarding health and safety precautions — please reach out!

Thank you to everyone supporting us during these ever-tumultuous times. we at rwb want to bring you some normalcy as we navigate the uncertainty and unrest and do our part, in turn, to bring about positive change and learning in our community.


Suds Your Duds

1182 US Route 4, Canaan
6 AM - 9 PM -- Last Load in by 8 PM

To View regular Town Office Hours & Contacts, please view the "HOURS/Contacts Tab" above.

Canaan is a Dry Town in September !

elbow pipe

In September 2019 there was a major water break. Read the complete story HERE.

July 2019 Flood

On July 11, 2019, a torrential rain storm hit Canaan at 8:15 PM. More than 6 inches of rain came down in less than 2 hours. Streams overflowed, flat roads had many inches of standing water and roadside ditches washed out taking more than half of the driving lanes of the dirt roads downstream.

A total of 29 town roads were damaged. A total of 13 miles of the 35 miles of road experienced severe damage. Several roads were impassable. In addition, there was damage to several town facilities including the transfer station Road bridge.

In all there was about $400,000 in damages to roads and facilities. The Town is expected to take at least two months to complete repairs. Canaan is waiting on a storm declaration so that we can be reimbursed by FEMA for part of the cost.

road damage near culvert flooded roadway man showing depth of damage to be waist deep

More photos may be seen on the Emergency Management Page.

Thank You Cardigan Mountain School!

volunteers raking
volunteers piling brush
volunteers near a brush pile
volunteers raking

Thank you once again for the student work teams from Cardigan Mountain School that helped clean the Village and take the limbs out of our three largest cemeteries.

Canaan Bird & Garden Club turns 80

club gathering

Seventeen current and past members of the Canaan Bird & Garden Club met in April to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the club. The first meeting of the club was held April 15, 1939 at the Hinman house on Canaan Street (currently owned by the Goins) with Zepheryn Clark voted in as the first president of the club. Folks enjoyed reminiscing and looking over old minutes/pictures/etc. that Nancy Loomis provided from our archives.

News from Cardigan Mountain Art Association

art council logoThis spring Cardigan Mountain Art Association will restore and display Canaan's historic stage scenery. CMAA has engaged Curtains Without Borders, Inc., a Vermont-based nonprofit conservation team, to work with volunteers to bring the painted 'drop' curtains back to life and in public view. The four 1890s painted curtains (a grand drape and 3 backdrops used at the Canaan Meeting House when it had an 2nd floor stage) and the 1924 grand drape from the Indian River Grange Hall are part of Canaan's cultural history and great examples of scenic art.


Canaan's historic Meeting House will be the work site from May 29 through June 5. We will celebrate the project with a display of the curtains and a talk by Christine Hadsel, Director of Curtains Without Borders. 

Volunteers are essential for the project's success and visitors are welcome to stop by and see work in progress. Please call Judith Kushner at 603 523-4337 (or email judith.kushner@gmail.com) if you would like to help and for more information.

CMAA is grateful for many generous financial contributions to this project and for a grant from NH State Council on the Arts. CMAA is supported in part by a grant from the NH Mooseplate program and New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.  

people looking at drape on floor

And. . . .

Don't forget to check out the Old Home Day Photos on the Old Home Days Page and the Christmas in Canaan Galleries on the Christmas in Canaan Page

Blues Brother playing harmonica on car hood. North Pole sign


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