Canaan Cemetery Trustees Annual Report 2017

Middle School boys raking leaves at Wells cemetery

On August 26, 2017 we lost long time Cemetery Trustee, Philip Carter. Phil was a huge part of this committee for 14 years and we truly miss him and his knowledge and humor.

Cemetery custodian Barry Geddes had a very busy summer and has kept the cemeteries looking good. For the past few years we have tried to keep dead trees and branches cut and or trimmed. There are a couple of trees in the Wells Cemetery that will be taken care of in the spring.

A well was drilled at the Wells Annex Cemetery on Canaan Street and a building will to be built to house it, the pipe will be laid, and spigots placed, so the water will hopefully be handily accessible by midsummer.

The monies for this project did not come from tax dollars. There was a fund set up many years ago by Emiline Davis, that was to be used for water only and for many years, it was used only at Wells Cemetery. Some of that money was freed up through the court, thanks to the efforts of the Trustees of the Trust Fund. Eventually, without drilling more wells, there will be a source of water at the remainder of the town maintained cemeteries.

Once again, a big thanks to the Cardigan Mountain 4-H Club for their continued annual cleanup of the Schofield Cemetery. We appreciate all your effort.

My term as cemetery trustee ends in March and I must say it has been an interesting committee to be involved with. This will be Ken's last term and since we have no one stepping up to take our places we have recommended that the selectmen take over the task, hence the warrant article for the town to take over the maintenance of the cemeteries.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara J. Hayward
Kenneth Lary
Cemetery Trustees

New in 2017

well drilling equipment

Thanks to the generosity of the Emeline Davis Trust the cemetery trustees have installed a new well and piping in the Canaan Street Cemetery.

grave yard  gravestoneCobble Hill Cemetery on South Road is one of Canaan's Oldest Cemeteries.